Rest Energy is a fine art services, artist project, furniture, and commercial millwork business.

Founded at the end of 2010, as my New York story, a story less then a year old, changed abruptly when I found out I was going to be a father. I moved to Brooklyn with plans to work at PS1, meet people/expand my view point, and get a studio to develop my art practice. With the birth of our first daughter in the summer of 2011, I put these plans on hold, indefinitely, as it was necessary to provide for my family. Her life pushed me past what I thought were limits-- professionally pushed me to pursue steady income through a creative path. I began making furniture and hustled to get jobs making exhibition props and artwork for other artists/galleries (RE:much of what you see on the site here), art handled for Boxart Inc., and held positions as Sr. Woodworker and Project Manager for design firm, Uhuru.

With the support of my wife, and tho I still continue to operate Rest Energy, I am finally finding the space in my life to push my artistic practice again. I am now a Masters of Fine Art candidate at University of California, Irvine-- with expected graduation in the Spring of 2020.